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    Airbnb Host Boat Insurance

Have you ever thought of your boat earning money for you while you are not using it, but are concerned that it is not insured?

Airbnb strongly encourages you to purchase insurance

Boat owners have long been using their boats for Airbnb Guests and not realising or ignoring that this will affect the boat insurance and very likley invalidate claims.

Topsail has recognised that there are many owners that are ignoring the fact that they may not be covered and do not tell their insurers for fear that they will not provide the cover or there will be an enormous additional cost and keeping “quiet” is the better option.

Most recreational boat insurance excludes claims when renting your boat to paying guests as it is classed as a commercial activity.

Did you know

Most recreational boat insurance excludes claims when renting your boat to paying guests as it is classed as a commercial activity

There is now a specialist insurance policy built just for you!

Topsail have created a new and innovative insurance product called Host Boat Insurance which can be added to our Topsail Yacht and Motorboat All Risk Policy and extends the cover to protect you and your Guests.

Topsail appreciate that you will have done everything you can to make sure you have instructed the Guest(s) correctly to look after your boat and your guest(s). However, Topsail’s Host Boat policy recognises that rogue guests may be outside your control and you need to have the confidence that your insurance policy will protect you.

Extract from Airbnb’s Host Guarantee terms and conditions.

Quote: “The Airbnb Host Guarantee is not an insurance policy. To the extent you desire protection beyond the Airbnb Host Guarantee, Airbnb strongly encourages you to purchase insurance that will cover you and your property for losses caused by Guests or Guests’ invitees in the event your loss is not within the terms of the Airbnb Host Guarantee.”

Does Airbnb automatically provide cover?

Airbnb does provide a Host Guarantee and Host Protection policy and whilst this offers some cover for boats it is not an insurance policy and there are areas that fall short of being covered.

Airbnb recommend that owners take out their own insurance to cover the risks associatied with having paying guests on board.

For boatowners, there is no substitute to a specialist craft policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London insurers that gives you peace of mind that you are covered.

For further details and significant qualifying criteria please click here.

Topsail Host Boat Insurance

  • Includes airbnb Guests on board
  • Includes damage to the boat by the guest
  • Includes your liability to the Guest for their injury or damage to their property
  • Includes liability to third parties caused by the Guest to others

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