"Thorough as usual. It really is a pleasure receiving prompt, professional service! hope never to have a claim, but if the situation should arise I have confidence in Topsail given the service I’ve received thus far. There must be something in the office water because the service is exemplary across the board, thank you so much for the outstanding service."

Keith Trimel – S/Y Blue Snail

“What can I say? Of course I am very satisfied with your services and not only for the granted compensation, but also because you were very present always during all the duration of the process. Every time I have written, I had an answer either the same day, or the next day. It is a difficult time and the morale is not still present and to feel that the company which you chose is very present, in our listening and understands our difficulties is certain comfort.
I thank you for all that.”

Jean-Pierre Vaissiere – S/Y Ti-Bag

“I was very impressed by your service, it was speedy and comprehensive. You took each of my points and dealt with them fully.
Thank you."

Peter – S/Y Salila

“I have nothing but praise for the underwriters and their appointed surveyor. They have gone beyond the call of duty on this one. It is not until you go through the exercise do you realise how difficult it is to get boat stuff repaired or replaced when you are off the beaten track.

We are a couple of happy sailing bunnies again."

Trevor and Joanne - S/Y Malarkey, Lightning Strike – Cartagena, Colombia

"Calcamar is a 15 meters catamaran based mainly in Phuket.
I was looking for a new insurance and talking with Brent, the president of PCYC Phuket Cruising Yacht Club in Ao Chalon, of which I am a member. He gave the recommendation for Topsail Insurance Ltd.

I was planning on cruising from Phuket to Malasya, Singapore and Indoniasia and back, so I established contact with Chris McGowan who provided me with all the information and in a short time we had settled the contract.

We think accidents only happen to other people, but that's not always the case.

When sailing Indonesia for the Island of Belitung we were surprised by a fishing boat. As always in this part of the world, never properly identified with navigations lights. We couldn't avoid the collision and the fishing boat started sinking. We were lucky enough to rescue all the three crew, in spite of the bad sea conditions and rainy weather.

It's from that moment on that we can appreciate the quality of our insurer.

After contact with Chris McGowan and reporting the situation, in a very short term, I was contacted by their representative in Djakarta and a couple of days after a surveyor from the company joined me to negotiate the terms with the owner of the fishing boat.
Many thanks to Topsail and Chris McGowan.”

José Inácio Jr - S/Y Calcamar, Collision – Djakarta, Indonesia

“To say that it was a shock to have the paddle-wheel log housing fracture flush with the hull and watch a two inch solid jet of water punching its way into the boat - would be an understatement.

To say that the way Topsail acted on our frenzied phone call from Burgundy and sorted out our claim in double quick time - would not.

The boat was lifted, repaired and re-launched within the week, the settlement of our claim took only a little longer, about ten days from the receipt of our claim form.
Well done to Chris and the other folk in the office.”

Bob and Carol Humphreys - M/Y Carolann

“I have been delighted with the personal service, attention to detail and of course the price. The level of cover suits our needs perfectly from local sailing to Caribbean cruising. I cannot imagine insuring with anyone else. The extra discount for OCC members was very welcome.”

Peter Whatley
 - Vice Commodore
 - Ocean Cruising Club

“Having been a customer of Topsail Insurance since their inception I have always been ready to extol their virtues. Without doubt the Topsail Team are remarkably friendly and ready to listen and discuss policies best suited to my sailing interests. Apart from Yacht insurance, I can also recommend to anyone their Gold and Silver Yachtsman’s Travel policies, which are comprehensively tailored to personal requirements.

Above all, the ultimate test for either travel or yacht insurance must be the prompt and efficient dealing with claims. In this regard Topsail have given me really reassuring, unbeatable and prompt service. From claim to payment has been painless and speedy and at each stage I have particularly welcomed the personal attention in keeping me informed of progress. I felt that there was real care and a desire to ensure a fair and correct settlement of the claim in as short a time as possible. My own recent example of a claim made for insurance on my yacht has been 3 weeks from initial claim to the cheque in the bank!   Thank you Topsail for such remarkable help and service.”

Tony and Christine - S/Y Pelagia of Poole – OCC members

May I just say how very impressed I have been with all aspects of my dealing with your company - your website and your prompt and helpful responses. 
Quite a contrast from some of your competitors.
You inspire confidence, which as a novice sailor, I greatly appreciate!
Thank you.”

Kathy Bellamy
 - Yachtsman’s Single Travel Insurance.

“We were very pleased to find how straight-forward, prompt and helpful the travel claims service was. What else would we expect from Topsail!"

Paul and Rachel Chandler - S/Y Lynn Rival

“We were referred to Topsail Insurance Ltd by Richard Anderton at the Ocean Cruising Club.
They have provided most excellent, expeditious, & professional service. Needless to say we are very pleased & happy to join the ranks of those recommending Topsail's service.”

John and Elizabeth – S/Y Pegasus VII” – OCC members.

“May I take this opportunity to thank you and your great team at Topsail insurance for your diligent, responsive and kind support which has enabled Camomile to continue sailing our dream despite the problems we encounter from time to time.”

Bill and Sue S/Y Camomile – www.yachtcamomile.co.uk.

"As per our most recent correspondence, I am advising you that the sale of INGRID OF THE ISLES is, all being well, imminent! So, at this point in time I would like to sincerely thank Topsail Insurance for the absolutely first class service you have provided me and my family over the years. I would particularly like to thank you and all the staff for being available, helpful and sensible when we have contacted you from all over the world needing guidance, advice or merely to inform you of our intentions. Thank you!

I believe the new owner to be a highly competent and experienced sailor and skipper. I would like to unreservedly commend your services to him and would hope that you might show him the same consideration that you have in the past extended to me. I have taken the liberty of copying this email to him in order that he may contact you directly should he so wish."

Barry Barnwell - previously S/Y Ingrid of the Isles

"I have enjoyed excellent service, value for money and speedy response from Topsail for my Tall Ships Jubilee Sailing Trust adventure. Thank you!"

Dame Enid Bibby

“I was treated to clear a Pneumonia infection that I suffered in the Caribbean in Dec 2013, which resulted in surgery back in the UK; Topsail and CEGA kindly provided an incredible service to get me back to the UK and back to good health again. This is in great part due to the exceptional level of care that your company made sure I received while I was thousands of miles from home.
I will always feel grateful to everybody at the company for that, I wish you every success in continuing to do such an amazing job for other people who find themselves in such scary circumstances”

Sam H. Yachtsman’s Gold policy holder

“I would like to send you my most sincere thanks for the efficiency and speed with which you dealt with my recent claim. I was particularly impressed that I was able to deal with you and your staff during the weekend!

The remedial works have been completed and I can report that my boat is now running perfectly again and I have been able to pay both the marine engineers and the marina without any embarrassing delays.

I know that many of the Nimbus Owners Club insure with you but I shall be sure to recall my pleasant experiences of your service to them and to persons I know who own other motor and sailing boats.

It is always very unsettling when your craft is damaged and the fast and professional handling of the claim by TopSail has done a great deal to ameliorate this painful process of repair – please accept my highest compliments.”
Colin – M/Y “Vorsicht” – Hit an underwater object – 16/06/2015

“Regarding your service, I could not fault it. All correspondence was promptly answered and the claim dealt with expeditiously. Thank you sincerely for that. It was a big relief to receive the settlement. I was confident of acceptance, but had expected more questions to be asked. But, accidents are accidents, however they happen, and total loss could not be questioned.
You can be sure I will recommend you and your company when the opportunity arises.”
Murray – S/V “Sunny Deck” – Fire resulting in Total Loss of the vessel – 24/06/2015

“Thank you very much for this welcome news of settlement having been made. We have been most impressed by the efficiency, professionalism and speed in which the entire process has been handled. We will have no hesitation in recommending both Topsail as brokers and the underwriters."

Lammert S/Y “Sea Minx” – Total Loss Fire, St Richards Bay, South Africa

“Let me say that the manner in which Roger Rich and Topsail have dealt with this matter is profoundly reassuring in these days when many in your position would look for a technicality or some other way of obviating the obligation.

Luke (my son, and Pelican of London’s Tall Ship race crew) is only now emerging from what was an utterly devastating illness; one that the virologists are still not 100 % certain of what it actually was. They have targeted it with the most refined anti-biotics in issue, and that now seems to have finally worked. The financial burden, though immaterial to the long-term threat to Luke’s wellbeing, was significant; yet it was very reassuring that neither Roger Rich nor Topsail let us down when it mattered.
You are to be commended, and are as vital part of a Tall Ship’s crew as that of the typically tottering Bosun.
Needless to say, I shall continue to feel secure with Topsail in the coming years, just as I’ve done for the past four years.”

Martin Purtill – Tall Ships Single Travel Insurance

“During all this very difficult time you have treated me in the best possible way. I shall gladly recommend you to friends and other yacht owners I know. 

Thanks again for an extraordinary service.”

Natanel Yam – S/Y Yam Uno, Stolen tender/outboard – Xirokambos, Leros, Greece

"Thank you very much for your extremely comprehensive replies. As a direct result I would like to request that you re-quote for the policy after extending the cover up to and including Sunday 7th August 2017, which is our expected return date. 

I would like to add that the way you and Topsail Insurance Ltd have handled this business has been exemplary and I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends in the sailiing fraternity and beyond."

Kevin Rees - Tall Ships Single Travel Insurance

“Up and running with a new mast within a week – how about that for unbeatable service!” 

Chris Brown - Yacht and Dinghy Owner

"We are very grateful to you for your energetic Assistance and superior professional service. We will send business your way whenever possible."

John Calvin - S/Y Golden Eye

"My wife Julia and I have been insured with Topsail for many years. Both for our yachts and in our travels. We have always found the company and staff to be efficient, good value, fair and helpful."

Ian and Julia - S/Y Disaray, Lost Propeller, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

“When we lost the mast we feared the worst. Especially when you hear the horror stories out there about trying to get settlement from various insurance companies.

I have to say that we have nothing but praise for you guys at topsail. Ever since signing up with you guys we have been impressed. Laura has, in the past, spent her own time getting documents to us in far flung places and gone out of her way to help with any queries we've had.

Now, after our dismasting and the whole procedure of our claim we remain as impressed as ever. The surveyor was with us in a couple of days in Antigua!

We are very happy to have chosen to insure the vessel and to have chosen Topsail over the other possibilities. This incident has changed my opinion of the insurance industry and we will continue to advocate Topsail to other sailing families we meet.”

John and Elizabeth -  S/Y Dana De Mer, Dismasting, Antigua

"I just want to let you know that is has been a pleasure being insured by Topsail, your communications are swift and punctual and I will recommend your company to everyone seeking a yacht insurance.

Thanks again"

Pieter - S/Y Aloha

"I had the occasion to ask Topsail Insurance for a quotation last year for my Leopard 40. They came back promptly with the coverage I needed and at $1000 less than my current supplier. When we decided not to do a Pacific crossing I asked Topsail if they would financially recognize the reduced risk; expecting very little. They reduced my premium by $400. I was quite amazed. Later that year, at Panama City, a yacht was hit by lightning near our boat. The electromagnetic pulse took out quite a bit of our electronics. I filed a claim, which was turned over to Topsail's appraisers (who were businesslike, prompt, and approachable). I had the claim paid out within a month...and in the aftermath of hurricane Irma! Topsail answers queries quickly, makes pro-active solutions for their clients, and is a pleasure to deal with. If you're looking for marine insurance...I must wholeheartedly recommend Topsail Insurance."

J D Gould - S/Y Fox

“Many thanks to Topsail Insurance for the excellent service and assistance we received from your agent Laura Clothier, and her patient and professional guidance helping us transfer an insurance policy on a 2009 Oyster sailboat.

Many thanks again for the excellent service,"

Captain John D Skoriak, US Coast Guard Licensed Master, Sausalito CA  USA, Oyster 655  PEARL (ex GUNDAMAIN)

“I would like to thank Topsail for their very professional manner in which all our business has been transacted. The service has been faultless.”

Clive and Janice, S/V Corcaigh

"We've been cruising Holland's inland waterways for ten years and had insurance cover with a Dutch firm.When they declined not to renew our policy because we were not Dutch we were in a quandary. Per internet we contacted many insurance companies in Holland and even Germany, without satisfaction: some even didn't bother to reply. I found Topsail on the internet and within a few days we had insurance. I cannot recommend their service highly enough!"

Peter Van de Graaff, M/Y Agnes

"I would like to say how expedient, helpful and professional the staff at Topsail assisted me in securing suitable cover for my ensuing years sailing. They particullary pre-empted the requirement for a Spanish caveat within the documents provided. I would recommend anyone to make an enquiry."

20/04/2018 6:30 PM

"I have been renewing my insurance with Topsail for years, and thankfully never needed to make a claim until 2016 when I broke my wrist and had to cancel two sailing holidays. The claims procedure was relatively simple, and the claims team dealt with everything very efficiently. Hopefully I won't need to make any claims in the future, but if I do I am confident that things will go smoothly."

20/04/2018 3:13 PM

"From our first on-line enquiry to accepting the final quotation the customer service and clarity by email was excellent."

12/04/2018 3:54 PM

"Efficient, friendly administration; a recent claim was promptly settled. A highly recommended boat insurance broker."

12/01/2018 10:28 AM

"I would recommend Topsail Marine insurance - always had great service at a reasonable cost."

13/11/2017 5:31 PM

"I received an invitation to sail at very short notice. Amid the numerous last minute arrangements which had to be made, buying ocean sailing insurance from Topsail was rapid and completely trouble free."

05/11/2017 1:50 PM

"I thought that with having been diagnosed with minor form of epilepsy over 12 years ago it would be problematic and expensive getting this kind of cover, it was a pleasant surprise."

03/11/2017 4:47 PM

"The application procedure was easy and personal."

03/11/2017 12:57 PM

"We have always found the staff st Topsail very courteous, know the products well and are extremely helpful, also the claims department handle any claim quickly and always to our satisfaction."

15/09/2017 2:35 PM

"Simple and easy to understand cover which has allowed me to take the trip of a lifetime (sailing on a square rigger in the Antarctic), confident that if I need help it will be provided. Good value too!"

15/09/2017 12:16 PM

Top marks for Topsail

We started our season in May & shortly after setting off were told that our house in the U.K. had been burgled. We returned home on 26th May, just as a thunderstorm passes over the Attic peninsula.Upon our return to Olympic Marine in early June, we discovered that Offski along with several other boats had been struck by lightning and our  electronics were fried.

Topsail and their underwriters MS Amlin were superb.  Upon receipt of the quotation for repairs, they gave approval and made the large advance payment requested so that parts could be ordered and work proceed. Olympic Marine & their subcontractors AMZ yachting voted Topsail the most professional insurance company that they had to satisfy of all the other damaged yachts undergoing the same repairs. Olympic/AMZ have completed the work and we are ready to go sailing again. Topsail has made this easy for us, all without deducting an excess since we are in our home marina.  Meanwhile, at home the glaziers have failed to turn up to replace our window, and the loss adjuster is at a loss to value the contents that we have had stolen.

So it is top marks to Topsail.  I shall raise a glass of wine to them and not ask them to pay for it.  Unless of course someone organises a CA meet in the Saronic/Cyclades in September .......”

Chris, S/Y Offski

“I would just like to convey my appreciation to you and your staff for the incredible service far beyond my expectation. The response from Topsail so quick and friendly and your response to resolve my claim in under 24hrs was just amazing...  I shall certainly be recommending your services in the future and for the first time in my life, I actually look forward to renewing my policy.”

Matthew and Kim – S/Y Tompa

"The service I have received from yourself at Topsail and Katherine, Patrick and Tom at the International Healthcare section at Healix has been totally professional and empathic during the initial contact, post-accident and whilst I was waiting in the hotel for the medivac from Portugal. Everyone was very kind, it was much appreciated"

Medical Travel Insurance Claims - October 2018

"Thank you for completing the insurance for Prospero, its been a pleasure doing business with you, you’ve been extremely efficient throughout the whole process, well done."

David - S/Y Prospero

"A new Princess motor boat purchase led me to reviewing 3 different UK insurers via a comparison web site, owing to the fact that the boat being purchased was lying outside the UK in Palma I needed the first few weeks of the insurance policy to cover Spanish waters without incurring a full length term premium increase, this led me to have to engage with insurers after the initial quotations were received to ensure the T&C's matched my requirements with the boat subsequently being returned to UK waters, the service delivered by Charlotte @ Topsail was by far the best in terms of response and quality - well worth giving Topsail a try - thanks Charlotte for all the help."

22/03/2019 1:40 PM

“Thanks again to you and Topsail for all your help over the last year. We've had a great time and I really appreciated the quick responses and help to deal with the extension for Greece and longer term mooring cover in the summer. Great team and service!”


Nick Rayner – S/Y Hera 

"As a novice claimant my fears and expectations were really wrong, you have been amazing. Many friends had told me how difficult insurance claims were - I feel very fortunate that you made it so easy. Nonetheless, I hope we don't ever end up in a situation where we need to claim again. I shall ensure the Cruising Association are made aware of just how excellent you are."

Judy - Travel Claim








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